MISSION STATEMENT                         

* Every child is important and valued.
* Our children will focus on learning and taking their places as our future.
* Our children can become self-confident, self-motivated, and self-reliant leaders.
* Education occurs through interaction of teachers to students, students to student, teacher to families, parent to student, and teachers to teachers.
* Communication, cooperation, and sharing are prerequisites to learning.
* Dedication to excellence and idea-sharing among staff builds cohesiveness, enriches teaching, and develops mutual respect for the benefit of students.

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Who will participate in the online registration process?

All students!

o Annual Updates for Continuing Students- Current student’s information will flow from PowerSchool to InfoSnap. CCSD staff will generate a snapcode parent letter to mail home to parent/guardians. This letter will include all of the information that parents need to log on to InfoSnap and update their student’s information for the 2014-2015 school year. Parents of continuing students are required to update their student’s information annually.

o New Student Registration- New students will need their parents to complete the New Student Registration document (new one page document.) This document will need to be submitted to the school that they are registering to along with a copy of the student’s birth certificate, immunization records, and their proof of residency documentation (or transcripts, grade and testing records if in 6th grade and up.) Office staff will then take the information provided and enter the student’s demographic information into InfoSnap. Office staff will then generate the snapcode parent letter for the parent to log on to InfoSnap and complete their student’s registration.

o Students on a Variance- Students will need to complete the variance application per variance policy in addition to the annual registration update. School sites continue to field and approve variances.

What is a snapcode?

• The snapcode is a unique key specific for each child. This snapcode will be used by the parent to access their student’s demographic data in InfoSnap.

• Snapcodes are generated by office staff after a parent submits a completed New Student Registration document and appropriate registration documents, i.e. birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residency verification document.

• Snapcodes are used one time, for new student registration to access InfoSnap online. Once a parent logs on to InfoSnap they will be prompted to create a user id and password that will be used for the student for the remainder of their school career with CCSD.

• The primary parent (as provided by the parent) will receive the snapcode parent letter.

• InfoSnap provides a self-service password reset for parents.

How will Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students that have already completed paper packets be registered?

• For Kindergarten and Pre-K students that have already completed a registration packet, office staff will enter student demographic information into PowerSchool before June 14, 2014. These students will receive snapcode parent letters with the rest of the returning students in August 2014. The families will need to log on to InfoSnap and update their student’s information.

What do parents do if they need to update their student’s information after the registration window?

• They will need to contact their school office.

What information is collected through InfoSnap?

o Student Demographics
o Family Demographics
o Emergency Contacts
o Medical Information
o Free And Reduced Lunch
o Media Opt Out
o Permission Forms
o AUP’s
o Release Forms
o Educational Accord
o Code Of Honor

• Site, classroom, or other agreements that are not a district requirement is not included in the online registration process.

What staff has access to InfoSnap?

• Administrators, Office Staff and certain District Staff have access to InfoSnap to set permissions; review, approve, and edit data; and run reports and query data.

• Data will be entered into InfoSnap by parents where it collects in a queue. The data is then fielded and approved by office staff before being automated into PowerSchool.

How will athletic packets be handled?

• We have been collecting packets and procedures from our secondary schools and have been working diligently to incorporate an athletic packet into the online registration process with InfoSnap. We will hold meetings with our secondary office staff, coaches, and nurses to ensure
that the packets and procedures are effective and efficient for registration. More information will follow.

• Student eligibility requirements will still be in effect for students to participate in athletics; the online registration process is used for student demographic data gathering. More information on running/querying reports will follow (ex. List of students registering for spring golf.)

What are the benefits of Online Registration?

• Less repetitious paperwork for parents-Going green!
• Less data entry for office staff
• No more long lines
• All mandatory student information is complete and accurate
• Uniform data for reporting
• Automated data for quicker access for CCSD staff
• Streamline process to ensure quicker services for students


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