New 3D Printer

Empire Elementary Gets Hands-on Experience with New 3D Printer
Posted on 02/09/2024
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Empire Elementary School in Carson City is excited to get hands-on learning experience with a new 3D printer and apply the technology as part of their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

Thanks to the generous donation from the Bistro Buddies Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fosters and focuses the importance of STEM in elementary, Empire Elementary students will now have the opportunity to explore endless possibilities in 3D printing.

The technology allows students to create intricate and detailed three-dimensional objects from a digital file, offering a new dimension to learning that encourages creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking.

The 3D printer will be integrated into various aspects of the curriculum, from science and math to art and history, allowing students to design and create models that complement their learning. Some teachers at Empire Elementary have also received specialized training to incorporate this technology into their lesson plans, ensuring students of all ages can benefit from the engaging learning tool.

Last May, Empire Elementary was recognized by Governor Joe Lombardo and the Governor’s Office of Science Innovation and Technology (OSIT) for advancing from a “Developing STEM School” to an “Established STEM School.”

Designation as a Governor's STEM School denotes that the school meets the highest standards of STEM instruction and is a model for schools around the state. For parents and the community, the designation also communicates the level of high-quality STEM education that can be expected at the school.