Bolt of Blue

Carson High School's Advanced Creative Writers Publish Literary Magazine
Posted on 03/18/2024
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Carson High School’s Advanced Creative Writing Class published their 2024 issue of the Student Literary Magazine, “Bolt of Blue.” This year’s edition delves into the student-chosen theme of "Breaking Cycles."

Across cultures and epochs, the concept of breaking free from repetitive patterns, whether societal, personal or historical has been a central motif in literature. It speaks to the universal human struggle for liberation, transformation and the quest for a better future. From poetry that whispers of quiet revolutions to prose that roars with defiance, each piece reflects the power of storytelling to inspire, provoke and ignite change.

“I am honored to be once again serving as Editor in Chief of Carson High School's ‘Bolt of Blue Literary Magazine,” said Anna Wilkerson, Carson High Advanced Creative Writing teacher. “And to have had the privilege to work with this year's incredible group of talented young writers.”

The writers whose work is featured are Seniors Charlotte Albin, Kaylie Brown, Juan Jose Cabrera-Camarena, Viviana Castro, Jay Coe, Isabel Coffman, Paige Foley, Alina Gastelo, Emily Goodwin, Brooklyn Grundy, Danyl Handley, Sophia Jimenez, Luet Lobsien, Halle Martin, Kaz Matson, Mars McIntosh, Christopher Mitchell, Kenzie Ramirez, Julyeta Romero-Erazo, Isabella Stagliano, Danielle Varin and Lacey Williams.

Bolt of Blue’s Spring 2024 issue, “Breaking Cycles” can be accessed online at

Photo Credit: Andie Wilkerson; Photo Cutline: Left to Right (Back row) Juan Jose Cabrera-Camarena, Christopher Mitchell, Emily Goodwin, Jay Coe, Lacey Williams, Danielle Varin, Mars McIntosh, (Middle Row) Viviana Castro, Luet Lobsien, Paige Foley, Charlotte Albin, Isabel Coffman, Danyl Handley, (Front Row) Isabella Stagliano, Brooklyn Grundy, Kaz Matson, Halle Martin, Sophia Jimenez, Alina Gastelo, Kenzie Ramirez, (Not Pictured) Kaylie Brown and Julyeta Romero Erazo.