Goals & objectives


1.  Increase the number of students who are proficient in ELA & MATH.

2.  Refinement in SFA by planning and teaching with purpose.

3.  Implement Common Core State Standards and the common assessment process.


  • By the conclusion of the school year, 100% of the teachers will be observed, at the refined level of SFA implementation.individual reading level.
In Math, all teachers will implement Common Core Standards using research-based strategies to meet the learning needs of all students.expand parent involvement in the educational process.


  • Baseline data indicates that 45%-75% of the teachers at Fremont use research-based instructional strategies in math.  By the conclusion of the year, 100% of the teachers will be observed effectively using the following researched based practices:  using key vocabulary, incorporating multiple modalities, utilizing formative assessment, and increasing student collaboration, at 100% implementation using the math protocol.  This will be measured by means of the District Math Observation Protocol.