Haven Bryant

Pioneer Academy’s February Student of the Month: Haven Bryant
Posted on 02/13/2024
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Pioneer Academy Sophomore Haven Bryant has used her experience at Pioneer to focus on positivity and surround herself with people to help her find her full potential. As a tenth-grade student, Haven is not sure what she would like to do after high school, but knowing she has reached her full potential, she has her eyes set on earning a bachelor's or master's degree. She says she has a lot of time to change and figure out what is right for her however she knows that after graduation she would like to be the happiest person possible overcoming challenges surrounded by the people who make her do her best.

When Haven transferred to Pioneer, she was struggling academically and she said she had a negative mindset and hard on herself that eventually made her give up on trying to do her best. With the move to Pioneer she began to overcome her negative outlook of the world. She realized it was about being in the right mindset and focusing on a positive perspective not only would help find success but also help her deal with many other life problems. She told herself that she was slowly moving in the right direction and with more practice she would find the motivation to succeed. Now Haven is thriving in school and in life, enjoying the journey she is on.

Haven stated that it hasn’t been easy and she would not have been able to turn things around without her friends and family supporting her. Living with her grandparents for the last seven years, she credits them with teaching her how to care for others and think about how they are feeling. She said “I have never been more grateful to have that gift because it helped me help so many others in many situations.”

Haven is also thankful for the staff at Pioneer for helping her feel heard and cared for and helping her become the person she wanted to be. She appreciates the way the teachers listen and consider her thoughts and the continual asking how they can help improve the school to help the students. At her previous school, Haven said she felt she was always in a popularity contest and that was taking a toll on her mental health. At Pioneer she says that all the students are considered equal so everyone can fit in. She also stated that the staff cared about her mental health and was willing to help her. With the new comfort she was experiencing Haven said she was able to reach most of her goals.

The move to Pioneer has helped Haven not just succeed but thrive in school and life. Summing it up she said, “After I realized what type of people would help and support me through life and truly be a real friend it has made my life so much better, having the right type of friends can really influence your future. I've learned that life is the way you perceive it, you could be living your best or worst life, it's just how you see it.”

We see great things in Havens future and we look forward to the many successes yet to come.

(By Cary Jordan, Pioneer Academy Counselor)